Checked Aluminium, cast - parts of car engines, cast wheel disks, lump metal, all aluminium cast, carburetors and engines from Zaporozhets not included.

Checked Aluminium, rolling - used in everyday life: turn-down beds, window frame cuttings, ventilators, cookers, supports, trays, wire, lacquered door handles, car bodies’ parts, aluminium-copper heaters, round metal.

Checked Aluminium AD31 - cuttings used in building and repair of aluminium channels, corners, pipes, profiles.

Checked Aluminium jars - cans, lemonade cans, beer cans, which are not conducted by magnet.

Checked Aluminium food - used only in food industry – plastic dinnerware, cans, containers, excluding plates, trivets, trays.

Checked Aluminium offset sheets - offset sheets made of aluminium, which are used directly for printing.

Checked Electrotechnical Aluminium

Checked Aluminium with clog 50% - Aluminium either with iron or rubber clog.

Checked Aluminium chips

Checked Aluminium heaters - Aluminium car heaters with clog to 12%.

Alloy wheels car - Aluminium car wheels.

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Produkcija Piegāde
Purchase of aluminium scrap
Sell aluminium alloys
Name Price Name Price
Aluminium cast 1 350,00 €/t Aluminium 226 By request
Aluminium rolling 1 100,00 €/t Aluminium 231 By request
Aluminium AD31 1 350,00 €/t Aluminium 239 By request
Electrotechnical aluminium 1 470,00 €/t Aluminium 230 By request
Aluminium food 1 400,00 €/t Aluminium 233 By request
Aluminium offset sheets 1 500,00 €/t    
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